Saturday, February 4, 2012

1950s Comic Books / Part One

After we inherited my parents house one of the things we found was a stack of old comic books that must have been mine back in the 1950's.

Most are yellowed and I do not think there are any that are collectible ones.  They would be fantastic for scrapbooking or crafts like decoupage. 

Beetle Bailey
Archie's Joke Book - Also has Betty & Veronica and Leroy
Blondie - Plus the Flop Family

Elmer Fudd
Aunt Fritzi Ritz, Nancy & Sluggo
Zane Gray's King of the Royal Mounties. - Ha - my Dad must have stuck this one in!!
Little Audrey - With Tiny
Little Lotta - Includes Richie Richie and Jerry the Jinx
Tom and Jerry - Also has Droopy, Mouse Musketeers, Wuff Prairie Dog, Fuzzy Wuzzy, and Spike & Tyke. 


Mike Golch said...

thanks for the walk down memory lane.

merlmd said...

these are in good condition so in my opinion falls under the collectible can get a good price for these, so I hope you check out the current market value before putting them up on eBay.

Marms said...

I love Beetle Bailey, Little Audrey, and Tom and Jerry.