Sunday, February 19, 2012

Vietnam Memory Wall Ice Carving, Cripple Ceek, CO Feb. 2012

This is the 5th year Cripple Creek, Colorado  has held an Ice Carving Competition.  The theme this year was to honor our Military.  Cripple Creek is an old mining town in the mountains west of Colorado Springs on the west side of Pike's Peak.  These days it is one of 3 towns where full blown gambling is allowed

One of the sculptures that we really liked and voted for was "The Wall".

We were there the 1st weekend and all the sculptures were not all done yet.The artists here told us that the names on this wall were from Colorado but if we knew of someone they would add that name too. 

They print the names out on the computer then iron the paper to the ice.
Now they can use a drill and follow the lettering on the paper.  I think the trick to this is getting the carving to just the right depth. 
We went back the following weekend and they were further along. 

Gene had a cousin killed in the war so his name is added to this wall too - Michael Lovato (they spelled it wrong) - but the thought is there. 
An  Eagle under construction.
Marine memorial.

Soldier's Memorial with Eternal Flame in front.


Jen said...

That is absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for sharing; I can't imagine how much work went in to each and every ice sculpture (wow).

Brenda said...

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing those pictures of those wonderful sculptures.

Rose said...

Gorgeous! I'm always in awe of sculpture.

Dawn Conklin said...

Wow, so cool! I wish I could see this in person, absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing this :)

Erik said...

I'd feel better about the beauty of the memorials of the United States if I knew less about why all our brothers and sisters died.

Here's to a more reasoned approach to geo-politics and the application of our military.

Thank you for sharing these lovely images.