Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Rescued a Hummel - TO MARKET

Yes I saved this cute little Hummel from eminent death.  

Here's what happened.  We were at a meeting and the hostess gave the guest speaker a gift for speaking to the group.  In the bag were 2 Hummels.  She then gave him a large mallet and towel.  The guest was told to go ahead and break them.

HUH?  I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open,  I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My father was born in Germany so our home, relatives and other German friends always had Hummels about.  Even my own home now has several of the precious little statuettes. So watching one being intentionally broken was more than I could understand. 

The guest refused to break the 2nd one and said whoever raises their hand first gets it.  Man, my arm shot up very fast, so I was given this Hummel named TO MARKET.  

There was a tiny little chip on the bottom but otherwise in fantastic condition.  I researched it and decided to start an auction on eBay at $19.86.  It sold for $20.36 with 25% going to American Heart Association.  I figured I nearly had a heart attack when the 1st one was broken so is it was only appropriate.  

An explanation was given why this person destroyed these very collectible children. I am thrilled to not only have saved it from it's demise but made a few bucks, donated some cash to a charity and passed it on to someone who will enjoy it. 

The seller got it and has left glowing feedback. So for this one little Hummel it gets to live another day!!  I hope in the future no more of these li


papel1 said...

Hey I have that same Hummel. Now I know what to list it for if I sell it. I bought a few while teaching in England on Air Force Base and they were a bargain.(many years ago) I am glad you saved it and it got a new home.

Beng Gee said...

Omg! What a cute figurine! Hummel is quite a treasure to have. My sis has few of them in their home. What a waste to destroy them. Lucky for you and the figurine. Haha..

daisy said...

what was the explanation? would love to know.. thanks!

Louise Sanchez HerbsCraftsGifts said...

Seems that alot of people knew the story but I had never heard it. The guest explained that when he was growing up her mother had a collection of Hummels and paid more attention to the collection than to the child.

This person is very highly regarded by thousands and thousands of people so I used mixed pronouns on purpose.

Got to say too that I did not hear anyone laughing during the carnage so I guess I wasn't the only one who did not know the story.