Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tome, New Mexico

Tome (pronounced toe-mayyyyyy) is alittle community in Valencia County, New Mexico.  It is south of Albuquerque along NM47 between Los Lunas and Belen.  

When the conquistadors came north from Mexico they stopped along the Rio Grande and set up residence.   The Catholic Church - Immaculate Conception - is the center point of the plaza.  When we were there a few weeks ago, it appeared they were restoring the church.  

This sign erected for the US Bicentennial says Tome was first settled in 1600's.
Off to one side of the church building is a glassed in museum of sorts.  There are many relics and photos of years past.
Handmade tools
Santo Nino - Check out the shoes.  They have to be replaced periodically because the baby wanders around helping those in need and wears them out. 
Calendar from 1901
Front corner of the church with the plaster off.

The adobe melts.  There is a pile of the dirt on the ground. Very sad to see.
Tome Hill  - A local man erected these 3 crosses on the very top for safe return of his 3 sons. He also promised God that he would pray in front of each cross.  
To this day pilgrims flock to the top of Tome Hill on Good Friday and many other times during the year.  No vehicles are allowed so those are all foot paths.  Some faithful will walk from Albuquerque (30 miles away), some carry crosses and some go on their knees.  

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papel1 said...

Another place for me to visit in New Mexico. This gives me an idea of writing about the towns I visit when we RV.