Thursday, March 15, 2012

Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs, CO

The Kissing Camels which is the signature image of the Garden of the Gods.

The park is amazing because the surrounding area is high prairie (above 6000' above sea level)  - grasses, scrub bushes and some trees.  And then all of a sudden there are these rock outcroppings

The entrance with Pikes Peak looming behind it
Looking to the south.  There are lots of hiking trails and horse stables, a trading post (founded in 1900), and all roads have bicycle lanes.

Balancing rock that can be climbed on. 
There is alot of history here too.  This monument commemorates the Plains Indians using the trail to Ute Pass.

The rocks and soil are all different colors.  Most are red and then here is this gray / whitish one.  The colors also change with the time of the day.
Designated as one of Top 10 Great Public Spaces!!!


Rose said...

Wow, the views are stunning!

Joyce Lansky said...

The camels do look like they're kissing. Reminds me of my years in Idaho Springs, Colorado. I miss the mountains.


Petula Wright said...

Beautiful pictures and looks like a great place to visit.

pruproteksi said...

Its natural scenery is very beautiful, it feels like to go there

Anonymous said...

hope i can visit Gardens of the Gods soon. I just need to learn driving on busy streets away from Filmore. Need to practice more since i am just a new driver.

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