Thursday, March 15, 2012

Olympic Training Complex Colorado Springs CO

Ice Skater at the entrance with Pikes Peak in the background.

Denver brags that it is the mile high city, but Colorado Springs is about 1000 feet above sea level higher.  The air is thinner and the lungs have to work harder,  That is why the training center is here for many of the Olympic Sports.  Athletes who train / live here have better lung capacity and able to have better endurance.  It is also fairly dry - no humidity which makes the weather ideal almost all year long.  
The training center is centrally located in the middle of Colorado Springs
Right in the front yard is the countdown clock to the summer and winter Olympics.  We were there at 2:10 MDT 3/14/12.  
Near the front door is this sculpture.


The 3 men holding up the Earth depicts Strength of Mind, Body and Spirit.
Scattered around the grounds are depictions of all the Olympic sports.

Gene is going to push that Luge to get it started.  LOL
Just waiting for the flame on top of the building.
I puff up with pride every time we drive past this wall.

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papel1 said...

Interesting about the training center. I am not sure I could live at the altitude of Colorado springs. Makes my sensitive teeth hurt. ha..guess you get use to it.