Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Review - Breakfast on Broadway, Denver CO

One afternoon we were browsing some antique shops on S Broadway in Denver.  We were heading further south to wind ourselves back to I25 to return home to Colorado Springs.  

On one corner was this unimposing restaurant with many cars in the lot (always a good sign!). I really liked the spatula and whisk on the sign!

The day was warmer than normal so we chose to sit on the patio.  The menu is typical breakfast with some enhancements which separates them for the normal breakfast menu. 

Gene chose the Corned Beef Hash and eggs with sourdough toast.  The potatoes were more like potato cakes - smooth inside and crispy on the outside.  Very tasty.
I was very excited to try the Truffle Omelet with asparagus , also with the same potatoes. They used truffle salt and a few shavings of the black truffle.  The truffle flavor was very subtle but still tasty.

Would I recommend this restaurant for a lazy Sat. AM breakfast / brunch?  Yes we would.  Visit their website for more insight into this neighborhood gathering place.


Brenda said...

Your meal looks delicious.

April said...

Looks yummy :D Too bad I'm In Long Island :(

Rose said...

The sign is awesome! The food looks delicious, too.

papel1 said...

Now that sign just might pull me over.