Sunday, March 4, 2012

St. Patrick's Day in my eBay Store

 Top o' the morning to ya!!
Being 1/8th Irish I always remember St. Patrick's Day with alot of fondness.  My Grandmother was born in County Monaghan and swore she saw a leprechaun when she was a girl.  And every St. Patrick's Day when we had a pot of shamrocks in the house she would tear one off and eat it.  Even when when she was very ill in the hospital she had to have her Shamrock on St. Patrick's Day.

The best part of the day is that it is my youngest son's birthday.  His father would only let me name the baby Bridget Mary or Sean Patrick if the baby was born on March 17th.  Looks like Grandma had her way with his birth because he was a week early!!

Having to find gifts for a St. Patrick's card party, I stumbled on the Irish scarves and as they say the rest is history.  Our real eBay selling started and our store was opened.  

We started selling on eBay seriously with this shamrocks on white.  It is still one of the most popular 
Also popular is this black with green shamrocks 13" x 60" scarf to add to a plain outfit but still celebrate the day. 
A more generic way to wear that green and not get pinched.  LOL
Gonna be outdoors? Perhaps at a parade?  Then this sun visor would be perfect.  Does not pinch because of a spiral band.  Can be fancied up to with iron ons, sequins, beads and jewels.
How about for a desk decoration or to float this rubber duck in a hot tub or bath tub for a party!!
This leprechaun duck would be cute tied to a hostess gift or as a party favor too.
And of course the day would not be complete for a Irish decedent to wear a good old St. Patrick pin in their lapel. 

Thanks for looking and as they say "And the rest of the day to yerself!"


papel1 said...

Great pictures. I can't claim any Irish blood, but I married a man who is half Irish. Time to find my St. Patrick's Day postcards.

Rose said...

I hope that your St. Patrick's Day and Easter items do well. You have a lot of great stuff!

Brenda said...

That leprechaun duck is very cute!

Tina said...

The Shamrock Scarves are beautiful. Where are they made?

Tina said...

The shamrock scarves are beautiful. Where are they made?

Jen said...

What pretty scarves! My Etsy shop is still on vacation mode (I need to make it over and open it back up (one of these days anyway ;o)