Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meeting Other eBayers while RVing!

What a special bonus on this RV trip from Colorado Springs, CO to Lakeland, Florida.

In Lakeland we were able to park on the property of friends who had moved from CO just a few months before. They have complete RV hookups so we were 'planted' there for 6 weeks.

Johnny and Connie ( opened my eyes in lots of ways on how they run their business. It is so different than us. Neither way is right or wrong but we should impliment some of the detailed tracking they do.

The bonus of being so close to them (a few feet from their back door) was that we could visit and talk out situations or wording or just do brainstorming. He was so cute, he would come knock on our door and ask how to do this or I would go to him and ask how to word something. It was so fantastic.

We both contributed to dinner each night, ate together and visited flea markets and thrift stores and generally just hung out together. There was never a lack of things to talk about.

On our way to Lakeland, we stopped in Ocala and went back 2 more times to see Danna Crawford ( and her Irish husband Jimmy. Danna teaches and works with many of the charities in Giving Works and Missionfish (eBay's sponsored approved charities). She is so full of ideas, is very loyal to eBay, big on blogging and Twitter and is just a helpful, jolly person. Jimmy is selling more and more on eBay too and we had fun watching one of his auctions close with a high bid. I can't leave their house without alot of enthusiasm and being anxious to get started on growing my business.

While we were at Danna's she recorded a video for I even got to turn the tables on her and ask her a question. (

In addition to non stop ebay talk we took a ride and saw John Travoltas house and one they think is Oprahs new house that is in Ocala also. What is neat about the celebrities living there, is the city promised they would not be harassed and would be treated as normal folk. And so far so good.

It was with much sadness we left Florida and such dear friends but onward to Dallas to meet 2 more eBayers.

Melinda & EBetsie - wow is all I can say. Melinda ( is a go getter and will get whatever she sets her mind to. She is overflowing with ideas and enthusiasm as evidenced by her helping the Dallas eBabes and eMales group grow and flourish.

Betsie ( is more laid back but super clever and is the seller of eBayana. She procures items with the eBay logo from all over the world to sell at auction and in her eBay store. In fact she gave me one of those rubber bracelets that has eBay Guides & Reviews on it.

In addition Bestsie is helping to organize the WS eBay Radio's 6th Anniversary party in Las Vegas in June 2009. Sounds like alot of fun with many speakers (including Melinda) and several group activities.

Again it was sad to leave our new friends but left with promises to see each other in June and hopefully in Jan 2010 if we pass though Dallas on our way back to Florida.

After meeting so many other eBayers it never ceases to amaze me how we are all instant friends and never shut up the whole time we are together. And lets raise a glass to all the friends we have not met yet but hope to meet along the way in the future.

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