Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The RV has finally been named!!

The back story is that when we got the RV several friends asked what we were going to name our "road yacht"! We have gone through many names and none seemed right until today when we saw on item on eBay that triggered the ah ha moment.

Lets go back to last April when several friends and family went to Denver to see Sylvia Browne, psychic clairvoyant and Collette Baron Reid, an intuitive .

When we walked into the Denver Merchandise Mart, the ushers put a paper bracelet on our arm. Each bracelet had a number on it with a tag and the same number, that was torn off and put into a basket. As the afternoon went on, a tag/number was drawn out of the basket and that person would be "read" by either one of the ladies.

We had been to the event the year before and really enjoyed it even though we were not read. But that was to change very quickly.

The 2ND number of the day that was drawn to be 'read' by Collette, was mine. I think everyone goes with the expectation of being read but when the opportunity actually presented itself, I was so flabbergasted, I was struggling on what to ask.

My Mom had passed a few years before, so I asked about that. After talking to me for quite awhile, she said that my mother wanted me to know to take a chance!!!!!???

That is all Collette said and I walked away thinking huh? What does that mean?

The year went on and after we decided to get the RV in Dec. (which was a huge decision for us) there were many ramifications (good ones but ramifications nevertheless!). And that takes us back to finding the - just right - name.

This morning when I saw Sylvia Browne's name on eBay it brought back April '08, the reading, and it hit me. I knew, at that very moment, the name of the RV had to be Rosie - after my mom! ((( )))


Danna Crawford said...

That was just lovely!!!!!
Perfect name for a perfect home on wheels!
Amazing how things work out!
In "his" time, not ours!!!
Hugzzz, Danna

Louise said...

Thanks, That is so true, all we need to do is take the time to listen!!

((( )))