Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sight & Sound Theater, Branson, MO

When we were living in NY we went to the Sight & Sound Theater in Strasburg, PA (near Lancaster). It was near Easter and we saw the play "Behold the Lamb" ( a story of the Last Supper).

Sight and Sound Theaters have performances of Christian Bible based stories in a way that does not even compare to Broadway. Many, many actors and so many live animals. Truly a spectacular.

I believe everyone involved including the actors are doing it as a ministry because there are no programs, no stars and no credits. Period!!!!

When we found out that Sight and Sound was building a new theater in Branson we wanted to be there at the very beginning and were able to work it into a trip in June of 2008.

As awesome as the PA campus is, the one in MO is far and above. The play was "Noah, the Musical". Again no shortcuts, and all kinds of animals. We were speechless and I don't want to give any of the surprises away but trust me, you will be impressed and it will be a memory that will last a lifetime!


Danna Crawford said...

It sounds fantastic!
I hope I get to see one someday.
First I ever heard of it!
Thanks for sharing. AND great photos btw!

Louise said...

Thanks Danna. It is an awesome experieince.