Friday, April 17, 2009

Yea Yea It's All my Fault LOL

So we decided to go to Florida for several weeks to get away from the Colorado late winter.. Ha Ha Ha. Mother Nature has a different idea for us. For Pete's sake it is April 17, 2009. Too bad everyone else has to endure! This wouldn't be such a big deal if it were winter, but we are in the middle of spring.
We are only 6 hours into a late, severe winter storm. It started yesterday with rain, then thunder hail (ours was only about 1/4" but reports were nickel sized!)

About 4 AM it started snowing and looks like a heavy drizzle if it were rain. At first it was just accumulating on the grass, trees and bushes. Now it is sticking to the roads and sidewalks too. The snow is so heavy it is lucky the leaves are not on the trees yet, otherwise we would have breaking branches landing on power lines and then outages. So there is good to this, for sure!

And right now I am hearing thunder - can you believe it?

West of us in Cripple Creek on the other side of Pikes Peak there is 8" on the ground.

I put up 2 pictures from out of one of the front windows, One is Pikes Peak on a clear day. The other is what it looks like now with no visibility. The others are from our bedroom window looking at the park across the street and our back yard and lower patio taken from the deck off the dining room.

The news is showing that under the snow there is a lot of water because the ground is so warm. That will be more of a problem tonight when the temps drop. And this is supposed to keep up until tomorrow.
We'll see!!


Danna Crawford said...

OMG I am freezing now to just look at those photos!! lol Oh sorry, time for my dip in the pool... NOT hehe Joking! THANKS for sharing these, they are beautiful!!! xo

Jimmy and Marshell said...

WOW! Louise, you where just meant to see this is beautiful, thank you!
I also love your "flag" it a grand old flag, so purple and true...not sure what else to call it; my Dad raised flags when I was a kid, and [pansies. I'll have some at our new home,:>)