Saturday, April 25, 2009

Sometimes 1 Person Makes it All Worthwhile

Being an eBay seller nowadays is a challenge in many ways. With very few exceptions all our buyers are good people and I cherish each and every one of them and their business.

eBay likes to say that all people are generally good. And I guess that is true. It is the bad ones we always hear about and that on rare occasions causes, me as a seller, angst.

Just like Susan Boyd came into our lives, like a meteor, so do the buyers who makes me smile and make me love, what I do even more. When we work at home with little or no interaction with the outside world (other than through the computer) just a few words in an email or feedback, a ho-hum day, can be turned round.

Let me explain - We sold a white Scarf with bright colored Polka Dots on it. The gal who bought it wrote right away and said how happy she was to have found it because she is a clown and will wear it to help people smile. Now that is enough to make me warm all over.

But after she got her package she leaves us this Feedback - BEAUTIFUL SCARVES~GREAT SELLER "HERBS CRAFTS & GREAT GIFTS" THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

We work very hard to give a great buying experience to all our buyers and they have rewarded us with not only with great feedback but right now we have 5.0 stars in all categories.
This gal added Great to our name. Talk about paying it forward. With a short email and creative feedback this gal has spread good humor that I hope will make you feel good too.
And I guess that is what being a clown is all about!! Congratulations to our buyer - she is accomplishing her goal. Thank you so much!!!


PowerSellingMom said...

Oh what a lovely eBay community we live in! Thanks for sharing this inspirational story!!!

Louise said...

Thanks Danna for all your positive reinforcement and guidance.