Thursday, November 10, 2011

50th Anniversary WEST SIDE STORY

Turner  Classic Movie (TCM) advertised on their cable channel that they has remastered West Side Story for the movies 50th anniversary and were having the release in movie theaters on Wed. 11/9 with release on Blu Ray on 11/11.

This movie is Gene's all time favorite movie and I surprised him with a date night.  Finally told him where we were going about 4 days before the event and he was walking around giggling because he was so looking forward to it.

50th Anniversary of.....

TCM Presents
West Side Story

Robert Osborne host of TCM did some interviews before the movie
Also Marni Nixon (who sang for Natalie Wood)  and George Charkis (Bernardo).  They revealed that when Natalie Wood was told her singing voice was going to be replaced she had a hissy fit and made life miserable for all of them. 

Russ Tamblyn as Riff / Jets

 Sorry these photos are not so good because I used my phone off the movie screen.

P.S. - And he absolutely loved seeing it on the big screen again. 

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