Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rubber Ducks

Oh! my goodness these are great fun.  So many folks collect them to put on their desk, work station, to put in the hot tub or just to line up on a shelf. 

Most everyone (of all ages) who sees them have to look at all of them and play with them.  They are 2" squirters, not floaters. Because they are made in China we do not recommend them for littler children because of the paint and the soft plastic.

We have them all listed on eBay individually because most folks want only 1, not 4 not 12 of each theme.  We do offer bulk pricing too for party favors or?? 

There are over 100 but here are a few of the newest ones. 

Bride.  Groom too

6 different wizards

Brown rooster and all farm animals with the farmer
Marine and all military, plus patriotic holding the American flag.
Construction workers, Fireman, Police, Nurse
4 different reading ducks as per a request of a teacher at our last craft show.


Brenda said...

I looked at your ebay store, and I had no idea there were that many different types of rubber ducks. They are all very cute, especially the reading ones. I hope you continue to do well selling them.

Rose said...

I love rubber ducks!! It's amazing how many cute varieties there are now.