Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Reflections back as we approach Thanksgiving Day 2011

I just did a status update in Facebook and thought that would make a good blog.

It started off by saying I was grateful I was born when I was.  I don't think there was a time in any of our lives that was simple or uncomplicated by those things around us like war and prejudice and the daily struggles of living. But growing up and while we were still in school, most of that was a non issue for us.

But we all survive by doing the best we can.   Last week we were at a craft show and the fire alarm went off.  We had to go outside and wait for the fire department to do a check of the high school and turn the alarm off.  One woman was just beside herself.  Pacing and mumbling that this was ridiculous and it will be at least 1/2 hour before we can go back in because they will have to check the whole school and on and on.  

I said "hey lady, it is what it s and better safe than sorry".  But isn't that is a true testament of the world we live in?  She was inconvenienced.  She was going to maybe make a sale, and it was all about her.  How did we ever get to such a self centered place? 

When I was growing up we had a telephone and lay on the floor in the evening listening to the radio.  We got a TV in the early 50's - a Dumont with a tiny little screen, but oh how it was so precious. 

There was no air conditioning in houses (for regular folks anyhow) and I remember sleeping downstairs on a sheet on the living room floor in June 1958 in NY when it was too hot and sticky to sleep upstairs in our beds.  

When we went to church we dressed up - a hat, gloves and even stockings  (with seams that we had to constantly check to see if they were straight.).  And there were corsages for special occasions.

When there was a birthday, anniversary or even if someone was sick, we sent a card and / or actually called on the phone. 

Cars didn't have turn signals - we had to stick our arm out the window and no seat belts either.  A baby car seat hooked over the front seat facing front.  The kids played with the little horn that was attached to the seat.

Our music is what is now called the Oldies but Goodies - the very beginning of rock and roll.  There were sock hops every Friday night and I won a dance contest and got to go New York City and be on Ted Steele's T.V. Dance show.  (That was before Dick Clark!).  We listened to Alan Freed on WINS radio. 

People were respectful of themselves and others.  Adults were addressed as Mr. or Mrs.  In-laws were Mom or Dad (out of respect to our spouses),

So like so many, I am thinking back to what it was and what it is today and thinking I would not change any of those early experiences.  They have given me the attitude that things are what they are and not much I can do about it, except live my life. 

I really like living in Colorado, I love our home and being close to my son and his family.  The crafts shows and eBay keep our minds and bodies active and hope we can continue doing it all for many more years. (Someone inferred the other day that 69 and being a grandma was old - really!?  I am 69 and certainly don't feel or think I am decrepit and need special handling!)

Please take time to be grateful for the all things that made you who you are and share them with your family and friends this Thanksgiving Day. 

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Molly said...

I"m 70 know just how you feel, love the OLDEN days