Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Apple Harvest, Fish Creek, Door County, WI

Door County is know for their Cherries and we did bring home 5 pounds of frozen cherries.  I intend to do jam and pie with them.  

But while we were there the apples were being harvested. 

The day before we were there there was a very bad wind storm   (See my other blogs about that.) What a shame - can you see all the apples on the ground?  Just awful.

Those Honey Crisp Apples are delicious.  Great for eating and cooking too.

A few were still on the trees.  This is a pick it yourself orchard too.

Or you can get them already bagged!!

It was pumpkin time too.  I really like the pure white ones. 

And my Apple Kuchen cake.  There is another blog with the recipe too. 


Brenda said...

That is a shame about all those apples being on the ground! The ones in the bags look delicious!

Rose said...

The apple orchards in our area (close to Milwaukee) are CRAZY busy. We ended up not picking this year because it was so bad. Maybe next year we'll have to head up to Door County!