Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Chicago White Castle - Home of the originasl Slider Hamburger

Growing up in NY we had White Castle nearby, way before McDonald's and all the other fast food carry out restaurants,. Now when we travel we make it a point to find a White Castle in states where they are.  There are none in NM and CO so we have to go east!!
The buildings are very distinctive and have looked basically the same forever.
The onions are put onto the grill first then the square patties are laid on top.  Notice the holes in the meat to allow for even, fast cooking.

Then the bun 1/2's are put onto of the burger to heat them alittle.
This is our lunch tray for 3 people.  The yellow carton is a cheeseburger.  There are 12 burgers there.

When we would go to NY to visit we always got a huge sack of White Castle and would build things with those cardboard boxes.  Now they even have trivia on them.  

White Castle hamburgers are probably not the healthiest of food but once in awhile they are yummy and a throwback to many great memories. Try them, you may like them. 


Anonymous said...

Oh man, White Castle...when I was a kid, a long time ago, they had car hops, girls on roller skates, who would skate up to you car. You would roll down your window and they would hook a tray over the door and take your order. They didn't have french fries in those days but they did have orange crush soda and orange donuts and the best coffee in their distinctive mugs. As teenagers, we ate inside, and someone was always trying to walk out with one of the mugs. Of course nowadays you can buy them on their web site.

Anonymous said...

you are so right about white castle in ny/nj area. they are everwhere. have you checked your supermarket for white castle in boxes?

Kimmy said...

I grew up in Chicago, and my family didn't "see" White Castle as part of the food groups. When I got older, I realized how good they were as drunk foods. When they opened a White Castle in my little town of Crystal Lake, I was so giddy. It's less than a mile away!!