Thursday, December 22, 2011



I posted about this before and it is really worth talking about again.  

Gene has had back surgery and still has back pain.  
Shoveling snow can really irritate his bad back and knees.
A friend recommended this to us a few years ago and it is just amazing.  It was Time magazine's invention of the Year 2006! There is no bending and very little lifting.  No electric or gasoline.  All Manual!!  See the video on their website!!
The idea is to push the scoop and then twist the WOVEL to toss the snow in either direction.  

This is very light weight but sturdy, heavy duty plastic and folds flat for easy storage. No electricity and no gas or oil.  Totally green for those who want to preserve the planet.

So when we need to get to the mailbox to send out our eBay packages, the sidewalk gets done pretty fast because the scoop is huge, with no stress on our backs.   

We are not selling these or involved with them in any way - just love the product and wanted to share the info.  

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Rose said...

What an awesome invention! Back pain or not, this is still a very useful tool. Thanks for sharing!