Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homemade Worcestershire Sauce Recipe

2 Tbs Olive oil
2 large Onions - roughly chopped
1/2 C Tamarind Paste
2 Tbs minced Garlic
2 Tbs minced Ginger
2 Jalapenos - seeds removed and minced (I don't use them)
3 Tbs chopped Anchovies (they melt in and you never know they are there.  I suspect they are used for flavor instead of using salt)
3 Tbs Tomato Paste
2 whole Cloves
2 Tbs Black Pepper (I thought 2 Tbs was too much)
1/2 C dark Corn Syrup
1 C Molasses
3 C White Vinegar
1 C Dark Beer
1/2 C Orange Juice
2 C Water
1 Lemon thinly sliced, seeds removed
1 Lime thinly sliced, seeds removed

In a large saucepan, heat olive oil over medium heat.  Add onions and saute until soft - about 5-7 minutes.  

Stir in tamarind paste, garlic, ginger, and jalapenos.  Cook 5 minutes more.  Add anchovies, tomato paste, cloves, pepper, corn syrup, molasses, white vinegar, dark beer, orange juice, water, lemon and lime. 

Bring to a boil, reduce heat to medium low and simmer stirring occasionally for 2 -3 hours or until it naps the back of a spoon.  

(I don't like it chunky so I used a blender to make it smooth.)  

Makes 6 Cups.  

Notes - Tamarind Paste - I bought it in 2 different forms.  One was very pasty and the other a hardish block.  I used the block on the 1st batch yesterday and it was chunky so I tried using the stick blender to smooth it, but the blender keep hitting really hard stuff and I couldn't figure out why. I ended up using a regular blender and straining it all.

Then I did a second batch using the really soft paste and discovered the tamarind seeds where still in there.  So I heated the 2 cups of water and put in about 2/3 C of the paste and let it melt in the water, then strained it.  Found lots of big hard seeds and some skin too.  

I think trying to remove the seeds any other way would be next to impossible because it is so sticky and then there is the issue of the skin too.

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