Saturday, December 17, 2011

How We Reheat Leftovers - even in the RV

The simple explanation is Bamboo Steamers.  They come is all different sizes.  We use the larger ones and kept them under the flip up bed in the RV.  Now they store on the top of our hanging pot rack.

I use a large wok but any pan they will fit over with some water will work just fine.  They have to sit in the pan (not even on the sides), otherwise the bamboo will scorch.

Thanksgiving leftovers and a dish ready to go. 

That is one of our shallow soup plates that fits into the bamboo tray.  Sometimes the food gets juicy and would overflow off a flat plate.
Usually we both fix our plate like a TV dinner and heat for about 20 minutes. That plate is for the 2 of us. Sometimes we will do each item separately.

Check the water level 1/2 way through the heating process and add more as necessary.
I am an old fashioned cook and rarely use a microwave.  This method will also make the food so much more moist and very hot without burning it or drying it out. 

We even lay tortillas, rolls or bread on the lid with a little foil lightly over them, to warm them too. Only do the breads during the last few minutes of warming, otherwise they will just make a mess. 

We have several sizes and when we heat individual things we can stack it as high as we need to. 

Hope you try this method of reheating your leftovers. 

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Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Hmmm I will have to purchase one and try it - I loathe microwaves and this looks a lot healthier!

meadowly said...

I love this method of reheating food.It gives a homely feeling.

Speed said...

Wow nice