Thursday, April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday in the 1950's

Growing up Catholic in the 1950's Holy Thursday was really the first day of the Passion of Christ.  It is the day of the Last Supper and Jesus demonstrating being humble and washing the feet of his disciples. 

Churches were decorated with huge floral displays.  I specifically remember a Chalice with a communion Host, probably 8-10 feet tall.

It was our custom to visit 3 different churches, say prayers and to earn special indulgences. The churches always smelled so good with all the flowers and a hint of incense, each one alittle different. 

After Vatican II, in the mid 60's, using Latin was gone, wearing head coverings for girls & women were past tense and the custom of the displays and visiting neighboring churchs disappeared.

As a choir member for many years it too was the start of 4 days of services / masses until Easter Sunday.

Sometimes I miss those days when things seemed so much simpler and clear cut. 

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