Wednesday, April 16, 2014

My Point & Shoot Digital Camera - Canon SX170 IS

The only way to prove how much I love this camera is to show some photos I have taken.  I have it set to Auto and no flash.  So it truly is just a point & shoot.

The macro is awesome too.  Many times I see things on a closeup that I did not notice with my naked eye.  This especially good when I am listing something on eBay, like this Dollhouse bathrooms, to find flaws that I may not have noticed before. 

Typically, I only have to take one photo for each 'pose'.  Yesterday I took 284 photos in less than an hour and half.
And without changing anything I can do landscapes, like this photo from my front window of Pikes Peak!! 

I bought my camera at Best Buy and like the size becuase it is not one of those tiny ones that can get lost in my purse.  This one fits in the palm of my hand and is easy to find and has a rechargeable battery.  I bought a 2nd battery immediately, so I always have one fully charged. 

Several friends bought this camera on my recommendation and are glad they did.  So if you are looking to buy a camera consider the Canon SX170 IS.

The Doll furniture is available in my eBay store ( under the the title Doll House Bathrooms 6 pieces Sink Tub Toilet Ceramic

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