Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Impossible to be Invisible on the Internet

Berberichs & Sons Shoe Hook
We were helping a friend do a yard sales last week.  She was able to make a large sale using an app on her smart phone. (Hooked them in!) I mentioned I had forgotten to bring my PayPal Here Credit Card Reader. She said she had an extra Square.  I loaded the app and gave the necessary info to have it deposit into my bank account. 

At one point, for security reasons, they asked me 3 questions that blew my mind.  1)- Where did you live between 1959 & 1962?  4 options/ 1 was correct. 2) - Which county have you lived in? Again 4 opinions/ 1 was correct and 3)- Who do you know? 3 options plus none of the above.

I don't do any banking or pay bills online, but that info is still available.  No wonder people have their identities hacked.  Scary!!

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