Saturday, April 19, 2014

Memories of Godspell on Broadway in 1970's

My most favorite musical of all time.  Actually when we saw it 2 different times it was off Broadway.  And I think the play is far superior to the movie.  Even high school productions, we have seen, were very good because it put you into the playlot with the actors.

The lyrics are straight from Matthew's gospels.  The concept is a bunch of folks hanging out together and one of their friends is Jesus in modern day.  They ask questions, they play like kids do and Jesus always has a lesson for them. 

Just before intermission is the Last Supper and during intermission the audience was invited onstage to have wine too.  It put us into the play rather than just watching it.  

The finale is mind blowing.  I won't give it away in case someone goes to see it but sure is memorable.  

If nothing else - listen to the music or watch the movie with an open mind.

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