Saturday, April 12, 2014

Warning for All Meetup Organizers

This is a heads up to any Meetup Organizer to learn from my experience.  Our group was approached by a speaker who wanted to visit the group from out of town and would paid their own way but it took alot to get the details / dates nailed down.

 4 different folks warned me that this person has taken advantage of meetup organizers, from all over the country, but I was put into a position where I was unable to refuse the request. I looked to see if there had been any promotion, and if there was, it was minimal and I did not see any mention on their Facebook group. 

They requested that I not only publicize the speaking date but also a workshop that was scheduled for the next day. 

We were able to get several who paid alot for the workshop along with another 5 who signed up for a larger conference for several hundred dollars per person. 

The impression was given that the speaker felt that they were doing us a favor by offering to speak to the group but in fact their reputation preceded them, which kept my members away.

Now, I feel taken advantage because there was no gratitude shown or acknowledgement for the work done to secure a good turn out for the meeting or for the workshop. 

THE LESSON - Always research any requests from speakers and go with your gut feeling or if you are warned about drama surrounding a potential speaker refuse the request.  

And if by chance you do accept the speaking engagement be sure you have an arrangement before hand to collect a commission on all money raised from your event(s). 

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