Thursday, April 10, 2014

Home Depot Kids Day

We just learned that Home Depot had a kids Day the 1st Saturday of each month. 

It is so cute - they get a bright orange apron and a pin and a project to do for free.  In March they made a bird house and now in April a bird feeder.  Each project has been sponsored by a new Movie so each item has stickers. The pin is from the movie too.

Our grandson loves going and is so proud he gets to nail, hammer, sand, screw, tie, glue, put on decals etc.

The hours are from 9 -12 but each project seems to only take an hour or so.  I am told that kids come in at anytime.  

So if there is a Home Depot near you take the kids.  They will also meet and make new friends.

Isn't that Pooh Bear the cutest?  He is a handyman but because he is holding a little teddy bear I am calling him Grandpa's Helper.  :)  He can be seen in my eBay Store ( under the title -  Handyman Grandpa's Helper Winnie Pooh Bear Hammer Dog Yellow Cap Disney Store 8" Doll Bean Bag Stuffed Animal

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Carolynne said...

I use to take my son there when he was little. Home Depot puts on a great show. Very good with kids and building esteem. The ptojects fit very well with kids of all ages and skill levels. Truely a great experience.